There’s A Video Game You Play With Your Vagina

There’s A Video Game You Play With Your Vagina

This is fantastic. Perifit is a mobile game, a pelvic floor exerciser, and a fitness tracker.

Basically the controller is inserted into the vagina – where it guides, measures and tracks pelvic floor exercise – aiming to improve the bladder control, core strength and sex lives of those who have just given birth, among others.

“Although Kegel exercises are recommended by doctors for everything for getting back in shape after having a baby to preventing UTIs or recovering from bladder or kidney infections, most people don’t know exactly how, or even how often, to do them,” the developers say.

[Perifit] lets you train your pelvic floor muscles, improve your core strength, renew your confidence, and add a little extra something to your sexual enjoyment.”

You can order one via the indiegogo page – the product smashed its $10k goal with weeks to go, and will be delivering from April 2017.