The Spectral Trailer Proves Bullets Don't Do Jack Against Killer Ghosts

Video: On December 9, Netflix is dropping a movie that was supposed to be in theatres over the winter. It's called Spectral, and while all the signs point to it being really bad, the first trailer is really good.

Here it is.

Spectral stars James Badge Dale, Emily Mortimer and Bruce Greenwood in what looks like Black Hawk Down meets Ghostbusters. If you watched the trailer, you get what we mean — it's modern soldiers fighting some kind of supernatural beings. This comparison especially works toward the end of the trailer, when the soldiers modify their weapons to fight the ghosts, which is just incredibly badarse.

Now, as we covered last month, there's a caveat here. Spectral was supposed to be a wide winter theatrical release, only to be dropped by its distributor and subsequently picked up but Netflix. Which could very well mean it's bad — but you'd have to tie me down to not give it a shot. That trailer rules.

Spectral hits Netflix December 9.


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