The Opening Of Guardians Of The Galaxy Barely Changed From James Gunn's Original Pitch 

It shouldn't come as a huge surprise that James Gunn writes everything down before he shoots it — the guy has a seemingly endless reservoir of information about the way he filmed things, what music fits where and storyboards. But now he's shared a bit from the packet he gave Marvel when he was trying to get the Guardians of the Galaxy directing gig.

Image: Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel

Gunn shared the information on — where else? — Facebook. What's kind of amazing is how much of his initial pitch ended up in the movie. This is almost exactly how we first saw Chris Pratt as Star-Lord:

By the way, the maths here tells us that Gunn gave Marvel 72 pages when he was presenting himself as a potential director. You cannot say he didn't want it.

[Facebook via CBR]

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