The Art Of Archer Peeks Into The Coolest, Booziest Superspy Show On TV

Calling Archer an "animated secret-agent comedy" is accurate, but it leaves out so much. The snarky characters, the esoteric references and the classic art style mean it's a show as unique as it is hilarious. Now you can get a fully illustrated behind-the-scenes look at the making of the show with The Art of Archer.

Here are three first-look images — they're detailed, so go ahead and click on them to make them larger — from Neal Holman's book. It comes out December 6, has an intro by Christian Slater ("Just... Slater") and would be a perfect addition to your coffee table (next to your well-stocked bar, Kenny Loggins LP collection and pet ocelot). Snag a copy here:

Archer is due to return for its eighth season, Dreamland, in early 2017.

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