Stormtrooper Tries Out For The Force In Texas Police Recruitment Video

Stormtrooper Tries Out For The Force In Texas Police Recruitment Video

The Fort Worth Police Department must have someone there who really, really likes Star Wars, or they just want to capitalise on Disney’s new annual tradition. The department released its second recruitment video in two years where a villain or lackey from the Star Wars universe tries (and fails) to get a job as a police officer.

Credit: Fort Worth Police Department / Facebook

In the first video, released in December 2015, Darth Vader interviewed for a job on the force but was rejected for his overuse of The Force. This time around, he sent a Stormtrooper in his place, to try and land a spot on the squad with some target practice. Only problem is, stormtroopers can’t shoot for shit.

Sure, that trope might be the oldest joke in the book, but hey…it’s fun to watch the guy slowly inch forward as he tries to get close enough to reach the target. Reminds me of every time I try to play darts.

It is important to note that, while this video might be fun and uplifting, the Fort Worth Police Department (like many other police departments) has been known to share alleged crime videos on Facebook, which have the tendency to publicly shame someone before they have even been brought into custody.

The department also does important work in the community, including regular webcasts to encourage public discourse, and helping find homes for shelter dogs. Typically, the crime videos get way more views.

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