Stay Out Of The Heat With December’s Best Sci-Fi And Fantasy Books

Stay Out Of The Heat With December’s Best Sci-Fi And Fantasy Books
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It’s practically summer. Why go outside and sweat through the heat when you can stay in and read? This guide to December’s most exciting book releases proves you have plenty of great options to choose from. And if you’re still looking for a holiday gift for your favourite bookworm (or Archer fiend, or Star Wars junkie), you’ll find some excellent suggestions right here.

The Art of Archer by Neil Holman

Go behind the scenes of the animated spy/drug dealer/private-investigator/outlaw country series with this fully illustrated guide, including concept art, interviews, script storyboards and a ton more. (December 6)

Babylon’s Ashes by James S.A. Corey

The sixth book in the Expanse series continues the story of James Holden and the crew of the Rocinante, who become enmeshed in a new alien mystery while battling pirates deep in space. Also, it’s something to tide you over while you’re waiting for the Syfy show to return. (December 6)

Five Stories High by various authors

Five authors contribute novellas to this collection of spooky tales from the past and present, all set in the same Georgian mansion-turned-apartment building. Contributors include Sarah Lotz, J.K. Parker, Nina Allan, Robert Shearman and Tade Thompson. (December 6)

The Immortal Throne by Stella Gemmell

The author continues the saga begun in The City, her 2013 fantasy debut. Though there’s a new ruler in the titular burg, the political intrigue within its walls hasn’t ceased — and a mysterious army is marching from afar to cause even more mayhem. (December 6)

In Search of Silence: The Journals of Samuel R. Delany, Volume 1, 1957-1969 by Samuel R. Delany (author) and Kenneth R. James (editor)

The multiple Hugo and Nebula Award-winning Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame member offers up a peek inside his diary. The earliest entries date back to his high school days, and follow the beginnings of his literary career as well as his colourful formative years of art, travel and encounters with other well-known creative types. (December 6)

Last Year by Robert Charles Wilson

The author of Spin returns with this tale set in the not-too-distant future, when a time-travel portal reaching back to 19th-century Ohio has become a popular attraction for modern folks looking for an escape. But the passage will soon close, and a man from the past is determined to end up in the future, no matter what the cost. (December 6)

The Liberation by Ian Tregillis

This is the author’s third and final novel in his Alchemy Wars series, described by one reviewer as “a steampunk version of The Terminator“. (December 6)

The Nature of a Pirate by A.M. Dellamonica

The third book in Dellmonica’s Stormwreck series picks up the story of marine biologist Sophie Hansa, whose work on an underwater mystery draws her into a magical world of swashbucklers and assassins. (December 6)

Tempest: All-New Tales of Valdemar by Mercedes Lackey (editor)

Nearly two dozen authors share tales about the psychically gifted inhabitants of Valdemar, the fantasy realm dreamed up by author Mercedes Lackey. Lackey, who edits the collection, also contributes a novella. (December 6)

Winter Halo by Keri Archer

Archer’s follow-up to the best-selling City of Light follows peace-seeking humanoid soldier Tiger’s quest to stop a pharmaceutical company from doing sinister experiments on kidnapped children. (December 6)

Wrath by John Gwynne

Gwynne’s fourth in his Faithful and the Fallen series returns to the Banished Lands, where the king has almost amassed enough power to bring a horde of demons to life — and the only guy who can stop him is currently being held prisoner by bear-riding battle giants. (December 6)

After the Crown by K.B. Wagers

The sequel to Wagers’ Behind the Throne sees its wily gunrunner-turned-Empress heroine forced to return to her old ways when war threatens her world. (December 13)

The Art of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story by Josh Kushins

Stuffed with concept art, storyboards, matte paintings and illustrations of character, costume and vehicle designs, this tie-in volume comes out in time with the much-anticipated movie. (December 16)

Iceling by Sasha Stephenson

In this debut novel, teenage sisters Lorna and Callie share a special bond, though they’re not actually related by blood — Callie was adopted at a very young age from a mysterious frozen island. When they set out to learn more about Callie’s past, they discover a very frightening secret. (December 13)

The Corporation Wars: Insurgence by Ken MacLeod

The second book in MacLeod’s trilogy concerns corporations who are willing to do anything to gain control of an Earth-like planet in deep space, and the reincarnated mercenary who isn’t quite sure this is a fight he actually believes in. (December 20)

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story by Alexander Freed

A ragtag band of ne’er-do-wells joins forces to steal the Death Star plans in this official novelisation of the movie. (December 20)

Take Back the Sky by Greg Bear

Bear’s interstellar war epic comes to its action-packed conclusion in this follow-up to War Dogs and Killing Titan. (December 20)

Miniatures: The Very Short Fiction of John Scalzi by John Scalzi (author) and Natalie Metzger (illustrator)

This collection gathers works from 1991 to 2016, including four brand-new tales. Along with being penned by one of the genre’s most esteemed authors, none of the stories are over 2300 words long. (December 31)