So Who Won Our Sony Xperia XZ Competition?

So Who Won Our Sony Xperia XZ Competition?

For the last week, we’ve given you the chance to win one of three Sony Xperia XZ smartphones worth $999.

We had over 500 great entries. So, who won?

We had over 500 entries in our competition, but from all the entries we’ve picked out three very deserving winners. Without further ado, here they are:

Here Are The Winners

kager and their construction machinery incident:

The moment my mate ran through our fence in a bulldozer we hired, we thought how hard can it be to drive? Apparently very hard…

kodz and their expensive virtual reality incident:

When a colleague threw a HTC Vive controller across the room, thinking it was a stick for the virtual dog in The Lab.

DeadlyClown and their it’s-not-a-game-mum-it’s-a-social-activity geocaching adventure:

Me falling 3.5m+ out of a tree, while geocaching, breaking my right arm, bleeding from the face and nurses putting ‘Pokémon’ injury on hospital file.

A special runners-up mention goes to Brendan Smith, who went way over the 25 word limit but had a story too good not to share with you all again:

Some thief tried to steel this guys BMX bike at the park he jumped on it and started to ride away the owner saw him picked up a sick threw it at the bike it bounced on the ground and some how got stuck in the wheel, the thief when head first over the handlebars ion to a grass it was the most spectacular thing i ever seen in my life and i wish i had a camera that could do high speed shots so i could of made a GIF file for the internet

Thanks for all your entries!

We’ll contact the winners via email and arrange for your prizes to be sent out via mail.