Ryan Reynolds's Favourite Cut Joke From Deadpool Makes No Sense

There were a lot of jokes that ended up on Deadpool's cutting room floor. Ryan Reynolds's favourite, however, totally deserved the axe.

Image: Deadpool, Fox

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Reynolds revealed his favourite cut line:

Blind Al (Leslie Uggams) says something about our duplex we live in. I say, "This isn't a duplex — it's hepatitis holding still." That was one of my favourite lines, which is sorta slightly stolen from Funny Farm: "This ain't a bridge — it's termites holding hands." So I can't take credit for it.

The joke he modified for his actually makes sense. It's about how rickety the bridge is. Reynolds's is just... words. Funny words like "duplex" and "hepatitis", but there's still no idea at the centre of this joke. Is it just that it's so awful it's actually a disease? Because instead of that, I'm mostly wondering what hepatitis looks like under a microscope. And if it can stand still.

Maybe I'm being unfair. Maybe it's funnier said out loud. But, mainly, I think that Reynolds definitely had better jokes cut than this one.

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