Ryan Reynolds Will Show Up As Deadpool In Logan: Report

Ryan Reynolds Will Show Up As Deadpool In Logan: Report

As if the timelines for these X-Men-related movies wasn’t confusing enough, The Wrap‘s claiming that Ryan Reynolds has shot a scene as Deadpool for the upcoming Logan.

Image: 20th Century Fox

According to the report, the scene (apparently directed by Deadpool 2 director David Leitch) is likely to be a post-credits tag, which makes a lot more sense than trying to fit Deadpool into Logan more organically. We saw the first act of Logan earlier this month, and while there is a fair amount of humour and even wisecracking — especially from Boyd Holbrook’s villain Donald Pierce — Deadpool‘s fourth-wall demolishing brand of humour would stand out in Logan. That movie’s going for a Western-meets-Little Miss Sunshine vibe that is very particular.

That said, the inclusion of Deadpool as he appeared in Deadpool makes us wonder if X-Men Origins: Wolverine is now shunted off into an alternate universe, the way Days of Future Past did to X-Men: The Last Stand. Because it’s hard to imagine that the Deadpool-in-name-only character from Origins has any relation to the one that we saw this year.

Whatever references Logan might make to any of the other X-Men movies is going to completely muddy the “what still happened” waters. That said, this timeline confusion makes the X-Men movies even more comic book accurate than any other adaptation out there.

Logan comes out March 2.