Rogue One Gets A (Fan-Made) Opening Crawl

Video: I don't know about you, but when I was watching Rogue One I found it incredibly disconcerting to be watching a Star Wars film that didn't include John Williams' triumphant opening theme over the traditional opening crawl. One fan has decided to correct that by making his own.

It isn't perfect — despite the obvious similarities, I feel like the semi-complete first Death Star would need to look markedly different from the semi-complete second Death Star featured in Return of the Jedi; I think calling Galen Erso Director Krennic's "long-lost friend" is very misrepresentative; and I'm weirded out how the crawl fades away into the exact middle of the screen and not somewhere nearer to the top — but it does scratch an itch I'd been feeling since I saw the movie.

I get why Disney/Lucasfilm decided to do away with the crawl for its anthology stories, to set the main movies apart, and I even agree with the decision. That doesn't mean it wasn't super weird to be watching a Star Wars film without it.


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