Remember The Good Old Days With This Beautiful Art Celebrating Amblin Films

Say the word "Amblin" to film fans and instantly they will get a picture in their heads. It's a picture from the 1980s, of kids, fantasy, wonder, aliens, and more — the tone Stranger Things recently aimed to capture. Now take that feeling and put it in a single room. That's what you get at Amblin 35.

Amblin 35: An Art Tribute Feature Drew Struzan opens Friday, December 2 at Creature Features in Burbank, CA and will remain on display through December 15. As stated in the title, much of the show features the legendary artwork of Drew Struzan, but the other part is artists who may be the next Struzan, each channelling that piece of their childhood Amblin helped create into their work. Here are just a few examples from the show.

Here's the soon-to-be Amblin film, Ready Player One, by Studio Murugiah:

Jurassic Park by Orlando Arocena:

E.T. by Lyndon Willoughby:

Gremlins by John Sloboda:

War of the Worlds by Colin Morella:

A Judge Doom sculpture by Chad Waters:

More E.T. by Barrett Biggers:

Jurassic Park by Andy Fairhurst:

And a few Struzan pieces. This one, also of Jurassic Park:

And then his iconic one-sheet for Hook:

For more on Amblin 35, visit Creature Features or Facebook.

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