Razer Made A PS4 Controller That Looks Like An Xbox One Controller

Razer has built a "tournament-grade' controller for the PlayStation 4 — with supposedly better ergonomics than your common or garden DualShock, as well as a bunch of customisable settings and esports-friendly extras. And, y'know, it looks suspiciously like someone chucked an Xbox One controller and a PS4 controller into Photoshop and mucked around with the transparency.

The Razer Raiju, as it's called, was built in partnership with Sony — who have presumably never seen the original Duke. Seriously, look at the Raiju from the top down — it looks more like the Xbox Elite than a made-for-PlayStation peripheral. But that's fine. Because the Duke was great, at least if you had gorilla hands.

The officially licenced Raiju works with all different iterations of the PS4 — original, Pro, and the new Slim — and improves on the pleb DualShock 4 with a 'quick control panel' at the base, which has tactile buttons for muting your mic and adjusting in-game volume on the 3.5mm headphone jack below it.

The Raiju is a corded controller, interestingly, although its "lightweight braided microUSB cable" — because, y'know, esports — is detachable either for easy storage and transportation or so you don't accidentally break it in a fit of rage when someone scores against you in Rocket League. You can buy the Raiju for $229.95 if you're so inclined. [Razer]

Images: Razer

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