Pubic Hair Trended On Facebook This Morning

For the hordes of people who get their news from Facebook, this morning brought a particularly hairy situation with it. And by that we mean pubic hair.

Image: YouTube

As Twitter user Matt Silverman pointed out this morning, Facebook's trending tab included a topic about genital topiaries. Oh, glory days!

When we checked earlier this morning, the good ol' act of vacuuming the carpet was still trending, though it appeared to have disappeared by 3:00AM.

While the topic was ostensibly tied to a real story — a study about the supposed connection between STIs and grooming down there — the research itself was a tad questionable, as Inside Science points out: It appears to be one for the "correlation, not causation" file.

Still, while amusing given Facebook's troubles with fake news, that's not the point here. The point is that pubic hair was trending on Facebook with absolutely no context attached, which is a problem the platform previously managed to avoid until it ditched all its human curators.

Since then, however, the lack of obvious context has caused some... confusion.

(If you recall, that one was about a dude screwing a McChicken sandwich.)

Perhaps one day Facebook will get its trending news section in order. Until then, we always have pubes.


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