Logitech's New Webcam Is For Twitch Streamers And YouTubers

If you're a regular 'net-browsing, Facebook-trawling computer user, chances are you haven't used your PC's webcam in a long time. If you're the kind of person that plays games and streams them to a crowd of adoring fans, though, then Logitech has a new webcam for you.

The C922 Pro Stream will broadcast or record at either 1080p at 30fps or 720p at 60fps, suiting whatever resolution and frame rate you're recording gameplay at simultaneously. It's a small internal upgrade on the previous C920 with better autofocus and low-light recording, as well as two built-in noise-cancelling mics.

Logitech's new C922 bundle also includes a licence for Personify's background replacement software and three months of XSplit Premium recording and streaming.

Logitech says that the C920 was "the most widely recommended webcam by professional gamers and vloggers", and it's definitely the go-to standard camera for Twitch users as far as we've read. The C922 is somewhat more expensive, but the extra image quality as well as the bundled software might set it apart. It'll set you back $169.95 from Logitech's online store from today. [Logitech]

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