Living In Underground Bunkers Is Even Worse Than It Sounds In Domain

Video: The whole deal with underground bunkers is that they're supposed to be secure survival spaces, right? Apocalypse comes calling, get your arse into a well-stocked, reinforced hidey-hole. But this new, exclusive clip from the 2017 movie Domain shows that bunkers don't solve everything.

In director Nathaniel Atcheson's upcoming sci-fi horror flick, cast members Ryan Merriman, Sonja Sohn and Kevin Sizemore all play survivors of a viral pandemic that's wiped out most of humanity. Spread out over different cities, the bunker-dwellers get to know each other while waiting out the plague aboveground. But as this clip shows, things start getting weird for the people forced to live deep under the surface:

Domain will premiere this weekend in Austin, Texas at the Other Worlds Film Festival, and is due out in wide release sometime next year.

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