It’s Rogue One Week: Beware Of Spoilers

It’s Rogue One Week: Beware Of Spoilers

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is out this week. The movie has already had its star-studded world premiere in Hollywood, and although the movie’s ending is kinda a foregone conclusion, we don’t want anyone to spoil the actual content of the film itself for you. If you care about spoilers, this is your official public service announcement to stay off the ‘net.

We have a difficult relationship with spoilers here at Giz. Some of us just don’t care, you can never spoiler-proof the ‘net, and not all spoilers are created equal, especially when the film in question is referencing an existing story.

But with that said, spoiling Rogue One is simply a dickish move. Don’t do it. Try to avoid spoilers any enjoy the film in the two hours and 13 minutes that it was meant to be enjoyed, not in a couple of sentences on some shitty corner of the internet. And also, if you do come across spoilers and have your own experience ruined, don’t ruin it for others.

(And yes, James, I’ll never forgive you for changing your MSN Messenger screen name to ‘Snape kills Dumbledore’ when Half-Blood Prince came out. You dick.)

But in any case, the internet is a bad place to be this week if you don’t want to know what happens in the middle of Rogue One. It seems like Reddit especially is a bit of a Wild West at the moment for spoilers; if you can’t resist being online, stick to places that you can actively police and that have people you trust, like Facebook. Or just take the opportunity for a digital detox and go read a book or something.

At the moment — at the moment — we’ve stayed spoiler free. Fingers crossed that we can make it all the way until the Aussie premiere. It’s 60 long hours until the film opens at midnight in Australia, so stay safe out there.