It's All Fun And Games Until You Go To Gaol For Memes

By now the mannequin challenge — the latest teen meme which is in no way challenging and does not involve any mannequins — has been attempted in just about every configuration. It swept high schools, wormed its way into late night TV and even graced the hallowed halls of professional wrestling. As of yesterday, the mannequin challenge is also responsible for sending two people to gaol.

Authorities in Madison County, Alabama arrested 49-year-old Kenneth White after receiving a novel take on the meme: At least 20 men armed with various firearms, performing a freeze-frame meant to resemble a drive-by shooting. White, a felon, wasn't supposed to be in possession of a gun. Given that cops regularly scour social media to make their jobs easier, perhaps uploading the video for the world to see was not his wisest decision.

While exercising a warrant in relation to White's mock shoot-out, police also arrested 23-year-old Terry Brown for "possession of drug paraphernalia, loitering and promoting prison contraband," according to local news source WHNT. Seems like a reach there, guys! Police, for their part, foresee a few more arrests in relation to the mannequin challenge video once they're able to identify the other men who were dumb enough to be filmed in this potentially compromising, low-reward video.

Given that the only known mannequin challenge performed by prison inmates (filmed and uploaded on a contraband mobile phone) also took place in Alabama, we may be in for a sequel. Stay safe out there, memers, and don't film yourself committing crimes. Memes aren't worth going to gaol for.

[WHNT via Daily Dot]

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