Hot Toys' K-2SO Just Wants To Give Your Other Action Figures A Nice Big Hug

That's clearly what he's doing to this poor Stormtrooper, right?

Hot Toys is slowly working its way through unveiling its full collection of Rogue One figures — we've had the Deathtroopers, we've had Jyn and Chirrut, and now, we've got everyone's favourite, non-shit-giving droid, K-2SO.

As befitting the lanky droid's stature in the movie, Hot Toy's K-2SO clocks in at a lofty 36cm tall (that's about 9cm taller that Jyn, so there's an impressive difference between the two). He's got some glowing eyes, a blaster pistol and grenade, and he unfortunately does not have the dry humour of an Alan-Tudyk-voiced sound chip. That's pretty much all you get with him.

Which is a bit of a shame compared to other Hot Toys figures, but I guess the uniqueness of K-2SO's almost skeletal design is the appeal, rather than a bunch of cool gizmos. Plus, if he's actually sturdy enough with those tiny joints to be able to heft up a Hot Toys stormtrooper, then at least he's impressively put together.

If you want an acerbic security droid of your own though, you'll have to wait a bit: Hot Toys' K-2 won't be out till late 2017, and will set you back $US230 ($315) if you want one. You can check out a few more pictures at the link below.

[Hot Toys]

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