Giftmodo: High-End, Drool-Worthy Tech Gear You Can Buy With Your Christmas Scratchie Winnings

Giftmodo: High-End, Drool-Worthy Tech Gear You Can Buy With Your Christmas Scratchie Winnings

Merry Christmas! So you won a fat stack of cash on the scratchies your weird aunt bought you. Time to spend up, right? We have some inspiration for you.

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, OPPO Digital designs and markets high quality digital electronics that deliver style, performance, innovation, and value to A/V enthusiasts and savvy consumers alike.
From market-leading 4K Blu-ray players, the state of the art Sonica multiroom speakers, and the planar magnetic range of hi-fi headphones, OPPO Digital is the leader in video and audio reproduction.

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Devialet Phantom

Devialet, $2990

If you want to buy a wireless speaker for your house, why not buy a $3000 one? Why not buy one that has 4500 Watts of all-out audio oomph. The Devialet Phantom is well known as probably the best and definitely the most powerful wireless speaker that you can buy, and we called it “mind-blowing” when we tried it out ourselves. It’ll be a good addition to your new $25 million penthouse.


Life-size R2-D2

Sideshow Toys, $US7500

This is a to-scale R2-D2 sculpt that comes with screen-accurate lights and sounds and even an inbuilt holographic projector. At this price, a cryogenically frozen Kenny Baker better be included.


Pro-Ject Audio Signature 12 Turntable

Pro-Ject Audio, $14999

Vinyl is back with a vengeance — if you’ve visited any JB Hi-Fi or half-decent record store in the last year or two, you’d know this. And you can actually get amazing sound out of a vinyl record, if you want to invest in the tools for doing so. The Signature 12 is one of Pro-Ject Audio’s most high-end turntables, and has an appropriately massive range of features like a completely vibration-isolated platter that means it’s built to deliver utterly perfect turntable sound.


Carbon Fibre Stormtrooper Helmet

Carbon Fiber Gear, $US3500

Carbon fibre stormtrooper helmet, guys. Carbon. Fibre. Stormtrooper helmet. Do I really need to say any more than this? Why would you not buy one and wear it everywhere? It’s even padded on the inside.


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Tesla Model X

Tesla, from $120,000

Tesla’s Model X SUV is set to hit Aussie shores in the early months of 2017, making it a prime contender for your scratchies winnings. You could buy yourself a seven-seat all-wheel drive SUV that can hit 100km/h in 2.7 seconds with 613km of range. Y’know, if you wanted to. It also has doors that open outwards and upwards like a falcon’s wings, guys. Like a falcon.


PMC MB2 SE Speakers

PMC, $36,995

You want to get a couple of speakers for your $15000 turntable and brand new video game vinyl collection, right? And you’d better do it properly. PMC’s MB2 SE speakers are only mid-sized — half-way in between a bookshelf and a full-height floorstander — but can still cover a massive frequency range, all the way down to a floor- and bowel-shaking 20Hz lower bass extension. If you want to lash out, also get the MB2-C SE centre channel and turn your setup into a home theatre.