Foxtel Play (With HD Streaming) Is Now On Telstra TV

Image: iStock

Foxtel Play is now available on Telstra TV - with live HD streaming , no less. Foxtel calls the launch "the first step in Foxtel’s push to broaden HD access" for subscribers, and promises more HD streaming services are to come in 2017.

Often critised for its hefty and confusing pricing plans, Foxtel recently did a revamp that saw Foxtel Play subscriptions become available for as low as $10 per month, more in line with other streaming services and a reasonable priced way to watch Westworld, Deadpool or (hold me back) the upcoming Home and Away special event screening of Home and Away: Revenge. That's a thing.

Foxtel Play's move to Telstra TV features a new UI that aligns more closely with the Foxtel iQ3 and Foxtel Go lay out. The new app also promises improved search and discovery for easier navigation. We haven't given it a go yet, so if you have - let us know what you think.

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