Every Plot Point And Easter Egg We Found In The Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailers

We now have not just one, but two trailers for Spider-Man: Homecoming. As usual, we've put deerstalkers on our comically nerdy brains and picked through the trailer for anything we could find. In this case, we put the two side-by-side and managed to discover some very interesting things.

All gifs and stills from Spider-Man: Homecoming, Sony/Marvel

Just in case you forgot where Spider-Man (Tom Holland) lives, the trailer opens with a robbery at Queens Community Bank.

All this gear looks a little high-tech for some dudes that just want to get into an ATM and steal some money. There are two devices at work here: A laser and this grabber, which is used to pull the ATMs off the wall.

Actually, these devices look similar to some technology we see in the hands of Bokeem Woodbine's character in the international version of the trailer:

Note the purple-hued tech that is all over these trailers. We know that early Spidey villain Tinkerer is in the movie, a character known for making nefarious gadgets for his fellow criminals. So it's possible that all these things are his creations?

This bit above doesn't appear in the US trailer at all — note the school busses, which will be important later. We'd heard Woodbine would be the Shocker in the movie, but his look here doesn't match up with reported images of him in costume on set. Maybe that comes later?

"'Sup guys," says Spidey. And this reaction shot will never stop being funny.

The fight here is fun, but this little bit is my favourite, because it's all in Peter's reaction time and hand-eye coordination. Plus, it's almost like a quip in physical form. Although, "Wait... you guys aren't the real Avengers. I can tell, Hulk gives it away," is a good spoken quip.

Also note that Peter's wearing the suit Tony gave him in this fight.

Title drop in the banner for the Homecoming Dance there.

In case you were wondering just how high school this movie is going to be, Peter and Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon) sit in the cafeteria talking about Liz Allen's (Laura Harrier) clothing. Liz is rumoured to be the love interest in this movie and going out with Flash Phillips (who isn't in this trailer).

"Maybe we should stop staring before it gets creepy," says Peter.

"Too late," says Zendaya. "You guys are losers." This is the only shot of her in this trailer, and it does not tell us a thing about who her character is, so no Mary Jane confirmation here. At the time this casting was announced, the character was supposedly "Michelle", which could be a shout-out to Michele Gonzales, Peter's one-time roommate in the comics.

The international and US trailers use different parts of this conversation in Tony's car. Pieced together, based on when Tony puts his glasses on, it seems to go something like (bolded parts are only in the international part of the trailer):

Peter: I get to keep the suit?
Tony: Of course, it doesn't fit me.
Peter: So, to become an Avenger, are there like trials? Or an interview?
Tony: Just don't do anything I would do. And definitely don't do anything I would do. There's a little grey area in there, and that's were you operate. But this does not mean you're an Avenger, in case you were wondering.
Peter: Oh.
Tony: That's not a hug, I'm just grabbing the door for you.

Peter: Oh.
Tony: Alright, kid, good luck out there.

Tony telling him to keep the suit seems to hint that this scene comes really soon after Civil War. Maybe Tony's dropping him back off at home after the airport battle?

Super Bro Movies caught two shout-outs. The first is Howard Stark in the mural at Peter's school.

The second, more obvious, one is Bruce Banner's photo being up with this display of famous scientists. (Voiceover Tony says, "Listen, I know school sucks.") Peter is not paying attention to class as much as he is watching his Captain America: Civil War DVD.

Tony voiceover: "I know you want to save the world. But you're not ready yet."

Peter's late to this explosion, which feels like something he'd feel bad about.

And here we see Ned (who is brainwashed into becoming Hobgoblin in the comics) finding out Peter's identity. He breaks the LEGO Death Star, and I'm almost positive I can hear our very own James Whitbrook scream in agony from thousands of kilometres away.

Ned: You're the Spider-Man.
Peter: No I'm not. This is just a costume.
Ned: You were on the ceiling!

Peter's new suit's fabric has some interesting properties here, as touching the spider seems to make it expand and go limp. For quick hero changes?

A lot of this movie rests on Tom Holland's ability to make amazing faces, since his out-of-suit dialogue mostly consists of "ohs" and stammering. At least in this trailer.

We get an establishing shot of Washington, DC, via the Washington Monument, which leads into the flying Spider-Man moment we saw in the teaser. "Stay close to the ground. And stay out of trouble," says Tony. Weird words from a man who gave him a suit with wings. I'm betting the "stay close to the ground" bit is a literal instruction after Tony shows him the wings and Peter asks how experimental they are. It seems like the kind of comedy that would be in here.

And here's our first look at the Vulture (Michael Keaton). It looks like this is from the middle of a fight in DC.

I feel like this is familiar to me as a museum or something in DC, but I'm drawing a blank.

Here's a closer look at the suit:

And one of the mask:

This version of the Vulture reportedly gets his name from his tendency to salvage and improve on older technology. Like the bird, he scavenges from the work of others.

Yep, this explosion is definitely in DC. Which isn't usually Spidey territory.

Tony: Forget the flying monster guy. There are people who handle this sort of thing.

That blurry symbol in the centre is the Avengers' "A". And the whole look of this location is similar to the glass and silver Avengers HQ that Tony built for the team at the end of Age of Ultron.

Peter: I'm sick of him treating me like a kid all the time.
Ned: But you are a kid.

The setting here screams "hotel room", and Ned and Peter on a school trip to DC would explain why Spider-Man is fighting Vulture there and not in his native New York.

It looks like the DC police aren't a fan of Spider-Man. Somewhere, J. Jonah Jameson is seeing Spider-Man climb the Washington Monument and screaming, "Menace!"

"Peter, what is going on with you?" Liz is in a security line, it looks like for the same place the Vulture attack from earlier in the trailer takes place.

Just your everyday weapons test in a park. Incidentally, the tech here looks very similar to what we saw the bank robbers using. The guy in the hat might be the Tinkerer himself, played by Michael Chernus.

Based on that, our best guess as to Donald Glover's character is Hobie Brown, an inventor and thief also known as the Prowler. Hobie reforms in the comics, so we'll see what side he ends up here, if that's indeed who Glover is playing.

In the international trailer, we saw the Shocker standing in front of school busses. Now, school busses are slamming into Spidey.

This looks like an old fight, too. I apologise that there isn't a better still of this, but see all the light blue on Peter's arms? That looks like his old, homemade costume that fell out of the ceiling in Captain America: Civil War. Also, he has what appears to be web shooters on his hands, which may show how long ago he built them — that is, before he met Tony Stark.

Vulture: Don't mess with me. Because I will kill you and everybody you love.

Is he actually saying this to Peter? Because if the Shocker fight happened in the past and the Vulture salvages old tech, maybe the Vulture remade the Shocker's old tech. And either he's handing it out to thieves or he's pissed it somehow fell into their hands. Perhaps from his business partner selling them on the side? That would change the Vulture's traditional backstory of turning to crime after his partner embezzled all his money away.

He could be warning other people not to use his tech. Or he could be warning Peter, reinforcing Peter's need to keep his identity a secret to save his loved ones.

I'm leaning toward him giving the technology to thieves because the international version has Vulture saying, "Time's changing, boys. Time we change, too." That makes Vulture the king of the criminal mischief-makers out there.

The international version also has this clip of a costumed Peter running across a train (or maybe a truck?) with a backpack on.

That shot of the Vulture shows him standing on a burning beach. The shot of Peter on the burning beach shows him back in the old handmade costume. Is this a flashback or does Peter get so fed up with Tony's babying that he gives the suit back? Or maybe Tony gets upset and takes it back?

The yellow jackets on these kids are the same as the one Liz is holding when she calls Peter from security, so this looks like the school group on their DC trip.

Oh, like I needed another reason to be afraid of the Staten Island Ferry. (Ferries can flip over easily.)

And look, the Vulture is using the purple tech seen with the bank robbers, the park dudes and the Shocker on a ferry. They're definitely connected somehow.

Thank God Spider-Man... happened to be on the ferry? Had Iron Man fly him to it? Something like that, but thank God for it.

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