Daisy Ridley Thinks The Force Awakens Already Answered The Mystery Of Rey’s Parents

Daisy Ridley Thinks The Force Awakens Already Answered The Mystery Of Rey’s Parents

Did… did Daisy Ridley get an extended cut of The Force Awakens no one else has seen yet?

Pretty much since Rey was first revealed as a character, people have been wildly speculating about just who Rey’s parents really are. In fact, I’m pretty sure the vast majority of the Star Wars cast has been suggested over the past year or so. But while everyone has been frothing at the mouth trying to figure it all out, apparently Daisy Ridley herself thought it was quite settled after she watched the movie, according to a new interview with Time Out London:

I thought a lot was answered [about Rey’s origins] in The Force Awakens. Then after the screening I went for a drink with my agent and everyone, and we were chatting away and I realised that oh, in their minds it’s not answered at all!

I think curiosity is a wonderful thing. And I do find it quite funny that people keep asking about it. Just yesterday a guy asked to take a picture with me and went, “Is Luke your dad?” And I was like, “Chill out, you’ll see!”

This is confusing for a whole lot of reasons — because not only did Ridley recently hint that the parental mystery will actually get solved in Episode VIII, J.J. Abrams made a whole (and incredibly confusing) deal about the fact that Rey’s parent’s aren’t in The Force Awakens. So how can the mystery have been dealt with, if that’s the case? The easy implication would be go with Ridley thinks at least one of Rey’s parents is actually in The Force Awakens, which naturally points to perennial favourites Han, Leia and Luke as potential sires to Star Wars‘ latest heroine. But what else could she possibly mean otherwise?

Strap yourselves in folks. This crazy train is only going to get crazier in the year between now and Episode VIII, and we’re all riding it into damnation.

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