Brace Yourselves, The Next iPhone Might Come In Red

When the next iPhone arrives next year, it might come in an additional colour: Red. At least, that's the rumour according to Japanese Apple blog Macotakara. Red, people. Are you ready for a red phone?

Will the next iPhone be available in this colour? Maybe!

Citing a "Taiwanese supplier", Macotakara says that Apple will be releasing an iPhone 7S and 7S Plus in 2017 that will retain the same aluminium design as the iPhone 7 (which, headphone jack aside, is essentially the same design as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S).

Now, that sounds a bit off because every other rumour we've heard suggests that Apple will be putting out an all glass phone and that at least one model will have an OLED display. Huh!

But back to the colour. Apple has a habit of switching up colours every now and then. The red colourway would be added to the existing gold, rose gold, silver, black and jet black options. We will say that Macotakara's sources have been right on colour changes before. The site was correct in predicting both the rose gold and jet black iPhone colours. Will the online rumour publication be correct about red?

Apple also has a long history of working with Project (RED) on special editions of products in its lineup, even going as far as to do special Project (RED) app promotions, with proceeds going towards World AIDS Day.


[Macotakara via Mac Rumors]



    Yep I reckon it'll either be a project RED tie in, or some kind of cross promotion with Ferrari.

    Apple innovation during Jobs reign..... Smart phone, tablet, iPod.
    Apple innovation during Cook's reign........ Red

      Don't forget the 'courage' that came with the removed 3mm headphone jack. Red will replace 'courage' with 'fierce courage'. For some odd reason every time i see the word 'Courage' as in its association with Apple, i pronounce it the french 'courage' way to give it a more expensive feel.

    I was wondering what the Witcher developer had to do with Apple for a moment. The charity company is called Product Red, not Project Red.

      Same here, had me excited there for a minute until i came across your observation.

    The very first thing that I thought when I read the title was "Who cares" Still I had to click on it and by the end of the article I was still thinking "who cares" and "bet you Apple creates a new Red and call it Apple Red, patent it and then sue lots of people for using it" oh how I wish it was Friday afternoon already

      It's a double who cares because most people put a case on their phone anyway and it won't be red on the front!

    With more free U2?

    I wonder if just by virtue of that rumour, how many companies have their marketing team hassling graphics designers to render all current/future phone models in various shades of red.

    Geez, Cant wait for the hipster apple video where they use words they found in the thesarus to desribe how amazing it was to decide on the colour red.

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