Brace Yourself: Will Ferrell Is Starring In A Movie About Esports

Image: Getty

The man who brought us unforgettable performances in Step Brothers and Anchorman is about to play a professional gamer.

That's right, Will Ferrell is starring in a movie about esports. This can't be a good thing.

According to ESPN the film is being produced by Legendary, Mosaic and Gary Sanchez Productions, and has the 49 year old playing a professional gamer (which title is yet to be revealed) in a sport where most competitors don't stick around past their twenties.

Apparently Dota 2 team Evil Geniuses and LoL and Counter Strike team Fnatic are in talks to take part in the movie. I sincerely hope they get some solid input, because call me a pessimist, but I can't see this going well.

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