Australians Predicted To Download 1,100 TB Of Data On Christmas Day

Image: iStock

Y'all are going to use a whole lot of data this Christmas, according to Telstra. Twice as much as last year, in fact.

Along with 1,100 TB of mobile data (that's 1.1 million GB), we are expected to send 59 million text messages, make 38 million calls from mobiles and 400,000 overseas calls.

To put it into perspective - that 1,100 TB of mobile data is equal to 275 million music downloads - 11 songs for every person in Australia.

And we are definitely relying more on apps than calls or texts more than last year.

"What was once a phone call to wish a loved one Merry Christmas now also includes capturing digital mementos of the day to share with friends and family," Telstra's Director of Wireless Network Engineering, Channa Seneviratne said.

Telstra's research shows more than a third (34 per cent) of 18-24 year olds will use Snapchat to spread Christmas cheer and four in ten will use video chat to wish their friends a merry Christmas.

And like it or not, the Christmas selfie is now firmly a tradition amongst many adult Australians. More than a third (36 per cent) plan to snap a special Christmas selfie to share with friends and family.

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