Australians Are Choosing Holiday Destinations For The ‘Instagram Appeal’

Australians Are Choosing Holiday Destinations For The ‘Instagram Appeal’

Telstra recently conducted a survey about the kinds of considerations Australians have when choosing a holiday.

Almost half (42 per cent) of those surveyed based their overall destination choice on its “social media sharing potential”.

More than a third (37 per cent) of respondents admitted to sharing holiday pictures “deliberately designed to make friends and family jealous” and almost a quarter (23 per cent) select holiday outfits for their social media appeal.

Scenery is the main thing we are posting from our getaways (76 per cent) with beach-front locations making up 40 per cent of the landscape shots.

It definitely has its advantages, for restaurants at least. Turns out we are most likely to take a recommendation from social media for places to eat (73 per cent), over where to stay (45 per cent) or activities (42 per cent).

We’re not just posting pics of our chia seed smoothies, though. 33 per cent use their mobile device to check in with work while away. I’m definitely not guilty of that at all.