Another Trailer For The Expanse, Even More Hype

Have you watched the first season of The Expanse yet? You should. It's on Netflix. Go do that now, in fact.

Oh, you're back? Cool. Here's a new trailer for the second season of The Expanse to get you excited.

This is the third trailer for the second season of 2016's best sci-fi series, and it's the coolest one yet. All the characters we were introduced to in the first series of the show — set in the distant future, in a solar system where Earth and Mars and the inhabitants of the asteroid belt are at each other's throats — are back, and they're angry.

We're not going to drop any spoilers for the second season here — like Game of Thrones, plenty of people have already read the books that The Expanse is based on. But suffice to say the action really picks up. Also, Martian gunnery sergeant Bobbie Draper is one of the most badass characters that any recent sci-fi series has been blessed with.

Also, PSA: Babylon's Ashes, the sixth book in James S.A Corey's Expanse series that the TV show draws direct inspiration from, is out today if you're a fan of the world. [YouTube]

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