Aldi Is Selling A 55-Inch 4K TV For $499

Starting this Saturday 17th of December, Aldi is selling a 55-inch Ultra HD LED 4K TV for less than $500. That's not a typo.

This just might be worth lining up outside the store for (and you might have to, to get your hands on one).

So what do you get for your money? A 55-inch Ultra High Definition LED LCD TV from Bauhn, with 3840 x 2160 resolution, a 60Hz refresh rate, 4700:1 contrast ratio and a one year warranty.

It's not amazing, and there's not HDR, but it's perfectly serviceable and really can't be balked at considering what you're paying. We tested out the 65-inch version that was going for $799 back in September, and concluded if you throw in a Chromecast (that's an extra $50) you've got yourself a 4K smart TV for an absolute bargain price.

Aldi says that stocks are limited, and it might take exception to people buying multiple units.


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