A Surprisingly Cinematic Look Behind-The-Scenes At The Mummy

Video: Our first look at The Mummy was filled with a bit more explosive action than the creepy dread you might have expected from an update to the classic monster movie. But to accompany the trailer Universal has also released a new behind-the-scenes featurette that's a little more measured — and filled with new looks at the film.

Interspersing Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella and director Alex Kurtzman's talking heads, the featurette shines a few spotlights on some of the film's elaborate action sequences (including the plane crash from the trailer), and also some surprisingly pretty shots from filming — like slo-mo shots of gorgeous vistas, the backs of cast and crew heads framing different images and an artistically placed crew radio. It's surprisingly fancy for your typical sort of behind-the-scenes reel.

You also get to see Russell Crowe and Tom Cruise kick the bejesus out of each other for a scene, which is very fun. And plenty more shots of Boutella's titular Mummy, both in chains and also kicking some arse, both pre- and post-mummification.

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