A New Clip From The Westworld Finale Seems To Have Bad News For Ford

Video: J.J. Abrams dropped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to share a short clip from the season one finale of Westworld. And while it looks like Charlotte Halte (Tessa Thompson) is getting what she wants, I wouldn't count Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) out at all.

Image: John P. Johnson/HBO

That's the thing about Westworld, after all. Everything's a plan within a plan within a plan. And since Ford's said repeatedly that he's had clashes with the financial side of the park before and always won, I can't imagine he's going quietly into that good night this time around, either.

Abrams was also careful to give credit to Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, who created and run the show. He also promised that they have already heard the pitch for next season and it's "even crazier". So go nuts guessing what that means.

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