A Mysterious New Lightsaber Is Introduced In This Star Wars Rebels Clip

Video: One of my favourite things about Star Wars Rebels is how it can oh-so-casually introduce a bombshell moment in the Star Wars canon into your life. The introduction of Thrawn was a big one. Ezra looking into the Holocron is another, and now a third is revealed in this brand new clip.

It's from this week's new episode called "Visions and Voices". Check it out.

The revelation is this new lightsaber. Up until now, almost all lightsabers have been pretty similar, at least on the inside, and with the size and shape of main blade. But this one looks completely alien, and Maul suggests Sabine would have some insights about it. In fact, it kind of looks like something the Jedi Temple Guards might have. So what exactly is this saber? Whose was it? Where did he get it? Hopefully we find out soon.

I'm also hoping this entire sequence is longer simply because it's absolutely ripe with Easter egg potential. Since it's all artefacts from a time when Darth Maul was at the height of his powers, I hope Dave Filoni and his crew put in some Ric Olie action figures in the background, or maybe some Jar Jar Binks soap.

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