Your PC Can’t Watch Netflix In 4K Without A New CPU

Your PC Can’t Watch Netflix In 4K Without A New CPU
Image: Microsoft Blog

This evening, Netflix is airing a four part Gilmore Girls special. I have no shame in admitting that, at some point, I’ll be supremely keen on watching it.

And with good reason: it’s a good show. But if you were hoping to watch it in 4K — since Netflix does that sort of thing now — Microsoft has some crappy news for you.

In a post on the Microsoft blog, the maker of Windows announced that “4K content from Netflix is now available exclusively for Windows 10 PCs” and that users would need a “7th Gen Intel Core Processor” to view the content:

There’s just one small problem: Intel’s 7th generation of CPUs, termed Kaby Lake, were only just released. Hardcore overclockers might have a few Kaby Lake CPUs lying around, but most people’s laptops and PCs will still be using Skylake, or the older Broadwell and Haswell, processors. And given that most people don’t upgrade their computer just for Netflix, chances are you’ll be stuck with regular HD Netflix for a while. (Unless you use a console.)

Microsoft also added that Microsoft Edge was “the only browser that supports Netflix 4K content”, which is another annoyance if you live on Firefox or Chrome like the majority of web users. You’ll need to make sure your monitor or TV is HDCP 2.2 compliant as well, although if it supports 4K then chances are you’re fine on that front.

Way to rain on everyone’s reunion parade.