Yes, Eleven Will Be Back For Stranger Things Season Two

Yes, Eleven Will Be Back For Stranger Things Season Two

At the end of Stranger Things season one, the fate of Eleven, played by newcomer Millie Bobby Brown, was uncertain. So when season two was announced, the creators were mum on whether or not the key character would be returning. Secretly, though, we all knew she had to – and now we know she definitely will.

TV Line reports that Millie Bobby Brown will, in fact, return as Eleven for season two of the hit Netflix show. Netflix representatives didn’t comment to the site, but their sources say she’ll return to series regular status. This, of course, was foreshadowed in the series finale when Hopper (David Harbour) left some Eggos – Eleven’s favourite food – in a box near the entrance to the Upside Down, even though series creators the Duffer Brothers remained coy on the scene.

Honestly, if Eleven didn’t come back in some dramatic way in season two, it would be a huge missed opportunity. We still know so little about her and her past. So, obviously, we’re excited about this.

Stranger Things season two will hit Netflix sometime in 2017 and is set about a year after the first season.

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