When It Comes To Bacon On The Internet, Australia Punches Above Its Weight

When It Comes To Bacon On The Internet, Australia Punches Above Its Weight

We all know the internet loves bacon. But what Australia specifically? Turns out that, when it comes to bacon on Instagram, Australia is punching above its weight.

This interesting little project by Cewe Photoworld collated the hashtags of different types of food and plotted it by region. Very nifty idea.

Turns out that New York is the king of instagramming and hashtagging practically every type of food you can imagine. With the exception of a few region specific foods like #churros and #poutine, New York and Los Angeles tend to be the cities that most frequently use hashtags when taking pictures of their food.

And the same is true of bacon.

But here’s what’s interesting. While Australian cities like Melbourne and Sydney don’t tend to feature in many top 5 lists, when it comes to bacon, both Sydney and Melbourne made it into the top 5. In fact, combined with Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide, Australia makes up roughly 6% of all bacon hashtags on Instagram.

Australia loves bacon.

What else does Australia love?

Well, according to this site…

— Pulled Pork. Australia makes up a staggering 15% of all pulled pork hashtags. I guess we really appreciate pulled pork. I mean… who doesn’t? — Sydney randomly account for 9.2% of all uses of #pierogi — Surprisingly Melbourne is the king of #banhmi, a type of Vietnamese baguette. It’s literally number one with 8.8% of all mentions coming from Melbourne.

It’s a very cool little experiment. Well worth checking out.