Want Your Kids To Code? Apple Will Teach Them

Image: iStock

I've always wanted to learn how to code, even if I'm probably a bit old and dumb to try. Kids aren't though, and Apple wants to teach them. This year, from 5-11 December, Apple is holding a series of hour-long coding lessons at every one of its nearly 500 stores around the globe to give students a kick-started education in its own Swift programming language.

As part of the Hour of Code initiative with Code.org, Apple is holding short educational classes for students at every Apple Store — there are 22 in Australia — in the week starting 5 December. There are two different free classes — one focuses on Apple's Swift Playgrounds app for iPad, and the other covers the fundamentals of coding more generally.

Hour of Code targets students in countries all around the world and aims to give them a basic education in digital literacy skills. Even if you can't make it to one of Apple's workshops, Swift Playgrounds is free and works on any recent iPad. [Apple]

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