Vegans Are Pissed That Britain's New Money Contains Meat

England recently introduced a new £5 note with high-tech, anti-counterfeit features. But some animal rights activists in the Land of Brexit™ are swearing off the bill completely. Apparently the new notes are made using just a dash of animal fat.

Bank of England governor Mark Carney holds up a new £5 note in September (Photo by Stefan Wermuth - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

As the Washington Post notes, the Bank of England confirmed on Monday that tiny amounts of animal tallow are used in the new money. The small beads of fat applied to the note reportedly help the currency slip into machines easier.

But vegans and other animal-friendly folks aren't having it. They're upset that the country's new meat money makes handling bills an ethically compromising situation.

"Not cool at all," one Twitter user complained. "I go to a lot of trouble to avoid animal products. Going to start refusing them."

An online petition has already been launched on demanding that the Bank of England stop using animal fat in the production of the new notes. The petition has over 50,000 digital signatures already. But the country is unlikely to stop using animal fat. In fact, both the £10 note and the £20 note are scheduled to use the same production process by 2020.

Incidentally, beef tallow is precisely what made McDonald's fries taste so good in the 1980s. It's not just your imagination -- Macca's fries really did taste better when you were a kid. The fast food company stopped frying in delicious, delicious beef tallow in 1990 after outcry from vegetarians who were deceived into thinking they were animal-free.

It could not be confirmed by press time whether the new £5 note is delicious.

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    Why are they pissed? it's not like they eat the money.

      Maybe they haven't figured out that they can use money to buy food to eat instead of just eating the money.

        They'll starve now, there isn't much nourishment from sucking on tree branches.

          Do we tell them that plastics, polyester, wax, fertilizers, fuel and asphalt also contain animal-based products?

          What do you mean? Isn't that how maple syrup is made?

      I'm not sure I've ever seen a happy vegan, they always seem to be pissed about something or other. I wonder if it's a dietary side effect?

        It's a side effect of being surrounded by ignorant, dead animal carcass chewing morons.

          Happy dead animal carcass chewing morons, you mean? :)

            i can happily say I'm a proud british muslim who loves chewing dead carcas's lmaooooo

      They're pissed because they don't want to be forced to use a product they morally object to. Most people would be outraged if the notes contained "a trace of homeless human brain matter in the polymer pellets used in the base substrate of the polymer £5 notes". This is, to them, not much different.

      I don't agree with their stance, but I can see where they're coming from.

      It'll be interesting to see how many vegans/vegetarians switch to electronic banking only (or if any vegan stores decide to stop accepting the notes (or even just accepting cash at all)) in order to ensure they align with their beliefs.

        No shit, thanks for ruining the joke.

          Shit, sorry mate. I didn't realise you were joking. It was a good try, though. I'm sure you'll get better at it if you give it a bit more practice.

        Found the vegan.

          Nah, his name would be deadactivatedalmonds if he were vegan.

        Most people would be outraged if the notes contained "a trace of homeless human brain matter in the polymer pellets used in the base substrate of the polymer £5 notes".

        I really don't think anybody would care.

          On the contrary, putting them to good use...and a touch of irony!

        I was waiting for uproar about having churchhill on the note.

          Another evil white male member of the Patriarchy! ^^

        It can go on the list with buying a budget basement model car because anything decent has leather too 😂

        Seriously, let's get real here - there's more traces of animal matter on the money currently in circulation than on these brand new notes (have you seen how butchers handle meat and money?) It's not like these new notes were actually made with animal fat.

        What else are they going to do? Use Visa or Masterard? Are they aware of every business the card companies and their banks invest in? Have they checked that each one is vegan friendly?

      Vegans protesting meat in their money. Ahhh, England. And you thought Monty Python was only a TV show!

    Any vegans with leftover five pound notes they now morally object to can send them to me.

    Apparently Australian notes contains animal products as well, it is very hard to avoid foods or products that have/used animal products. even white sugar uses animal products in its production.

      That's probably because everyone uses the same polymer made by Innovia Films

    So the problem will sort itself out once they vegans refuse money.

    I will gladly help all vegans by taking any unwanted money from them and will dispose of it at my local electronics goods store.


    What a bunch of idiots. is a waste of time. They should be using the Downing Street petition site.

    Last edited 30/11/16 2:54 pm

    But isn't most plastics made from crude oil which is decomposed dinosaurs?? Not entirely vegan either??

      You may be on to something. If they can use dead dinosaurs for fuel then surely they can eat animals that died naturally.
      Also, if the notes use pig fat then does that mean Muslims can't use them?

    I'm sure there is much worse things on money than a bit of animal. quick google search says 3,000 types of bacteria, 99% of the banknotes in circulation in London are tainted with cocaine, no to mention all the Fecal matter.

    how can you tell if someone is a vegan ....................don't worry they will tell you

    Last edited 30/11/16 4:11 pm

    Gonna start me a petition - to get more fat in.
    I'm wanting all my cash to smell and, yes dammit, reward me with an actual bacon hit if I choose to lick it.
    I find anything less morally objectionable.
    Who's in?

    Seriously though, vegans need to just get over themselves and give it a rest.

    Vegans will chuck a hissy at just about anything. Meanwhile the rest of society will just laugh and move on with their daily lives while the vegans cry in the background

    So now pretentious vegans can have a whine anywhere they can spend money, not just at food venues. They must get tired.

    Lol, it is impossible to have bank notes in circulation without any trace of animal products on it. The moment a human touches it, they will leave animal matter on it (their own). Unavoidable. You don't want animal products on your stuff, then good for you, but you can't impose your will upon others.

    I personally think all speaking should be banned before midday, but hey, it ain't up to me, and I can't impose that upon society. Nor is it appropriate for me to judge people who are jolly and energetic in the morning.

    Interesting. Would a vegan object to shaking hands with a meat eating human species? Would they object to sitting next to an animal eater breathing all over them having just consumed a triple beef burger at hungries on a bus? Seems like we might have to create vegan friendly every thing to keep the minority happy. Sounds somewhat familiar.

    Well at least its Kosher and Halal, could of been real dramatic if they used Pork

    Using animal matter in English banknotes is a concern for dieters.
    If they eat too many, they'll just pile on the pounds.

    So do chalk, ceramics, cello bows and viola strings.

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