Trainspotting 2’s First Trailer Is Here

Trainspotting 2’s First Trailer Is Here

I am very excited about this movie.

Growing up in Scotland, I was a teenager when this movie came out. I must have watched it a dozen times. The cultural impact of this movie, in Scotland at least, was massive. The timing of it: Oasis, Pulp, Blur. Tony Blair. David Beckham. Trainspotting. It all really seemed to happen at once. It was an amazing time in hindsight.

And even today, when I talk to Australians, people still ask me about Trainspotting. People still ask me to talk like Begbie. It’s amazing the legacy this movie has.

So here’s the sequel. It’s going to be a thing. It might be terrible, it might be a huge mistake but I’m still very, very keen to watch it.

This first trailer. It’s promising. It’s really promising. Can’t wait.