This Aussie Star Wars Mannequin Challenge Is Pretty Great

Video: The Mannequin Challenge might be getting a little bit played out by now, but combine it with Star Wars and we're instantly sold. This morning, fans and members of the 501st Legion teamed up to create a fight scene between Rebels and Empire forces frozen in time at Sydney's George Street Event Cinemas.

Filmed earlier today, the stand-still-and-don't-breathe-while-someone-runs-around-with-a-camera challenge is one of the better ones I've seen, just because of how well put together it is. Stormtroopers aplenty, a Wookie, a double triple serving of Kylo Ren — how could you not like this?

Bonus: it features Gizmodo's very own Rae, spilling a bucket of popcorn all over the goddamn place and hiding behind a Jedi.

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