This $US2100 Wonder Woman Statue Will Mess With Your Mind

This $US2100 Wonder Woman Statue Will Mess With Your Mind

Sideshow continues to blur the lines of reality with this unbelievable statue of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. It has veins, people. The statue has veins. The robot uprising is on its way, just as soon as someone “Small Soldiers” this Amazonian to life.

Credit: Sideshodw

Sideshow and Prime 1 Studio have released its latest limited-edition lifelike statue of Wonder Woman from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, who makes her solo film debut next year. The statue’s about 102cm tall and is moulded from polystone, which gives it weight and a stone-like feel.

That weird hyper-realistic skin (with veins) is thanks to a translucent resin.

There are already Batman and Superman statues from Dawn of Justice available, but I’d argue the Wonder Woman one takes the cake.

It completely nails Gadot’s look and facial expressions. Plus, the Batfleck one’s wearing his mask, so cheating. There are only 750 of the Wonder Woman statue being sold between July and September 2017, and if you want one yourself, it will set you back almost $US2100 ($2736).

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