There's A Gadget Called The Smoking Gun, But It's Not What You Think

What do you think a gadget called the Smoking Gun does? I asked around our office. "Is it a thing that records your online activity and then mails it to someone?" "A lighter in the shape of a gun?" "Something that alerts you when people have something to hide?" "Is it like a... I have no idea." You're all wrong. It's literally a smoking gun. It's a gun for smoking. Smoking meat and seafood and sauces, that is. And... cocktails?

The Breville Smoking Gun costs $119.95, and is made to add "natural smoky flavours like applewood and hickory without adding any heat" — not just to food, though. Apparently adding smoky flavours to liquids, and to solid liquids like ice cream, is a thing. Smoky cocktails are a thing too, says Smoking Gun fan and co-owner of Sydney's This Must Be The Place bar Luke Ashton. The world is an amazing place. [Breville]

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