The Teaser Trailer For Cars 3 Is Oddly Disturbing

Video: And not in the “we finally find out how they reproduce” kind of way.

Cars 3, the next film in the uber-successful Pixar franchise, opens 22 June 2017, and the first teaser trailer is here. But this isn’t your typical Disney or Pixar teaser. Unless you call “Bambi’s mother dying” typical Disney. Check it out.

I mean, that’s pretty messed up. That’s Lightning McQueen, the star of the franchise voiced by Owen Wilson, going through a very realistic car crash. And the tagline, “From this moment, everything will change,” is ominous. Very unlike the rest of the light, fun franchise about talking cars, trucks and planes.

So what could this mean? We don’t know. But it feels like Cars 3 is really going against the grain with the franchise, and we’re all for it. As long as we don’t find out how baby cars are made. Because I don’t think the world could handle that.