The PS4 Slim Is Cheap This Weekend

The PS4 Slim Is Cheap This Weekend
Image: Sony

If you don’t already have a PS4, and you don’t want to shell out $559 for a PS4 Pro, then you may as well get yourself a PS4 Slim. The redesigned PlayStation 4 is usually $439 for a 500GB variant, but this weekend you’ll find it for a fair bit less.

Sony tells us that a 4-day deal kicks off at midnight that sees the recommended retail price of the 500GB PS4 Slim drop to $359.95. Games digitally downloaded through the PlayStation Store are cheaper over the weekend, too — Battlefield 1 for $69.95, Watch Dogs 2 for $62.95, Skyrim for $39.95, and so on.

But that doesn’t seem to be the absolute cheapest price around. JB Hi-Fi will apparently be offering the 500GB PS4 Slim for an even cheaper $299 this weekend according to OzBargain, while Big W will have a 1TB Slim bundle for $449. If you want games — and Target and Big W also have some great prices coming up on just-released titles.

If you see the PS4 Slim or any games cheaper than what we’ve listed here, let us know!