Sydney Isn't Always A Disgusting, Traffic-Ridden, Trash-Town

Normally Sydney is a cockroach-infested mess of expensive housing, unfair rent and $12 food court lunches but today?

Today it is a million goddamn photographs of the Sydney Opera House.

Welcome to #snapsydney.

What is #snapsydney? It's just your everyday hashtag designed to christ I don't know, get people taking pictures of Sydney for some reason?

I'm inclined to be cynical about it, but it is a nice reminder that Sydney isn't always a bustling mess of human flesh and misery.

Look at these lovely photos.


But of course it's become a battleground for people pushing agendas and whatnot.


And here are a lot of people bitching about Mike Baird in response:

Not sure why I'm adding this photo of old people swimming. You're welcome.

This guy had one job. Jesus wept.

And finally, here is a giant Santa Claus made out of crates.

You're alright Sydney.

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