Go Watch The Grand Tour On Amazon Now

If you're an Amazon Prime member — which you can sign up to in Australia with no hacks or VPNs — then you can watch The Grand Tour right now. Go. Now.

Amazon Prime Video Is Streaming In Australia Right Now

Ahead of its scheduled 00:01AM GMT / 11:01AM AEDT international launch date, The Grand Tour is live on Amazon's Prime Video streaming service.

You don't need any silly VPN tricks or geoblocking workarounds to get it happening, either.

You can go to Amazon.com, sign up for a Prime account, and voila, you can stream The Grand Tour alongside a bunch of other Amazon Original series.

(It won't work on mobile because the Prime Video app isn't available in Australia yet.)

I'm streaming it through my browser right now:

Here's how you can sign up to Amazon Prime Video. And here's the Prime Video storefront. And here's where you can watch The Grand Tour.

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