If You Own An iPhone, You Probably Like Yoga

If You Own An iPhone, You Probably Like Yoga

The average Apple iPhone owner is 41 years old, more likely to be a woman, and earns $54,000 a year. She likely has a mortgage, listens to commercial radio and does yoga.

The average Samsung smartphone owner is 44 years old, more likely to be a man, and earns $47,000 a year. He is more likely to be renting, playing the pokies and going fishing.

Sounds familiar, or no?

79 per cent of Australia’s 16.2 million smartphone owners use either an Apple iPhone or a Samsung handset, according to recent research from Roy Morgan, which revealed a bunch of insights into smartphone users.

92 per cent of iPhone users are satisfied, ahead of 88 per cent of Samsung owners.

Comparing the two groups of handset owners side-by-side, Apple owners are more likely than Samsung owners to have received the device as a gift whereas Samsung owners were more likely to have bought it themselves.

Owners of an iPhone are the more likely of the two groups to download podcasts or music, while Samsung owners are more likely to download pictures or games.

Many other prominent differences between Apple and Samsung users have nothing to do with the handsets at all: from home status and occupations, to their shopping preferences, activities and sports participation, and media habits.

Compared with Apple’s users, more of Samsung’s rent their home, work in sales, clerical or trades roles (or are retired), shop at discount stores, watch commercial television, go to theatre restaurants, play pokies, work on the car, go fishing, or play sports like cricket, lawn bowls, softball or baseball.

On the other hand, Apple users are the more likely of the two groups to have a mortgage, work as managers and professionals (or be students), to go to concerts, live theatre, amusement parks and the beach, to listen to commercial radio, and do yoga or pilates.

A higher proportion of Apple owners agree that it’s important to look fashionable and that they’ll buy a product because of the label. On the other hand, more Samsung owners are wary of risk and happy to buy store’s own products over brand names.

Where Apple owners are more extroverted, Samsung owners enjoy their quiet time at home. Where more Apple owners believe technology gives them more control, Samsung owners are more likely to say they find it difficult to keep up with technological change.

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