How To Make The Tiniest Nintendo Console Of All

Video: YouTube's HMS2 wields a hobby knife like ancient samurai warriors wielded their katana swords. And with the help of equally precise tools like tweezers and toothpicks, the master miniaturiser turned a bunch of thin plastic sheets into an impossibly tiny Famicom console — the Japanese predecessor to the original NES.

The tiny Famicom can't actually play any games, but that's totally understandable. Nintendo's attempt to miniaturise the NES after 30 years doesn't even come close to being as small as this tiny faux console is. It even comes with equally tiny controllers, and game cartridges that look no bigger than a Tic Tac. Now all you need is a miniature replica of your parent's basement, and a few tiny cans of soft drink.

[YouTube via Technabob]

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