Here's Conor McGregor's Custom Rolls Royce, Featuring Himself

Conor McGregor recently received a lucky charm from Rolls-Royce ahead of his UFC 205 fight on the weekend, and it looks to have paid off. The custom Rolls-Royce Ghost will be unmistakable around town as it features McGregor’s face along with his alias, 'NOTORIOUS', emblazoned across matte black bodywork.

This story was originally published on D’Marge.

Some may call it uniquely McGregor, whilst luxury car purists will call it a hedonistic display of having more expendable income than sense. Regardless, there’s no doubting McGregor’s ability to match his talk with his brutal skill in the octagon.

The standard 2016 Rolls-Royce Ghost packs a 6.6-litre V12 and retails for a cool US$250,000 (AU$675,000 in Australia, though). McGregor’s one is rumoured to have costed an extra $100,000 to account for a host of flashy interior and exterior upgrades to suit his loud persona.

We’re not sure about you guys but we think it’s the perfect car to join our list of badass cars for the everyday gangster.

This story was originally published on D’Marge.

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    How does US$250,000 equal AU$675,000? Surely it should be AUD$334,000?

      The US sticker price is US$250k but in Aus the equivalent car is AU$675k.
      Because Australia tax.

      Got to add in the 4 layers of Aussie taxes......yep we really want people to go out and achieve in this country

    I must say it does suit his brand.

    It takes mighty big balls to think that you could step out of that ocean liner/car and think most people would be in awe of you though.

    Last edited 16/11/16 11:14 am

      Mighty big balls and the propensity to not give a fuck are two things Conor definitely does have!!!

    The beautifully sums up where the Rolls Royce brand is now: the pretentious bogan. It's ugly, it's boring, common.
    Before it was subtle, unpretentious elegance. It hasn't been that way for at least a decade now.

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