A Harry Potter Producer Joins A Movie About Fighting Cats

A Harry Potter Producer Joins A Movie About Fighting Cats

The producer of the Harry Potter film series and its latest spin-off is moving from Fantastic Beasts to feline ones. David Heyman announced that he’s teaming up with China’s Alibaba Pictures Group to adapt fantasy series Warriors for the big screen. And yes, it’s about fighting cats.

Warriors is a series of children’s novels, sub-series, novellas, and manga that launched in 2003 and has sold over 30-million copies worldwide. The main series is about five warring cat clans and follows the story of a cat named Rusty, who journeys into a mysterious forest and meets a group of wild felines. It’s collectively written about Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, Tui Sutherland, and Victoria Holmes under the joint pseudonym Erin Hunter. I found a trailer for the book series, and it’s amazing how epic they make catfighting sound.

According to Heyman, the movie will be live action, likely in 3-D, with computer-generated cats. At a news conference in Beijing, Heyman said he’s looking forward to working with Alibaba because of China’s impressive movie market growth, but added that there’s no guarantee the movie will actually be shown in China.

As of now, everything’s in early development and no script has been written. The official Warriors website shared an excited update that a movie is in the works based on their series, but they don’t have any more information about the film at this time.