Great News, Spiders Are Pretending To Be Leaves Now

Great News, Spiders Are Pretending To Be Leaves Now

Today in ‘fuck spiders forever’ news: they’re pretending to be leaves now.

That’s great. Just great.

Asides from freaking people out and inspiring us to set our own homes on fire, spiders do a bunch of wild shit. They pretend to be ants on some Assassin’s Creed shit, so they can eat ants. They also have a crap-ton of eyes.

They’re freaky is what I’m saying.

That’s why this whole ‘spiders pretending to be leaves’ thing is so troubling.

The good news: these spiders — potentially a new species — are unique to China. They were discovered in southwestern China’s Yunnan rain forest. Surprise surprise, they pretend to be leaves for one single reason: to kill and eat things.

Why has it taken so long for us to find this potentially new species of leaf-masquerading goddamn hellspider? They are so good at pretending to be leaves that — no shit — human beings thought they were actually leaves. Only two have been found so far.

It’s all pretty interesting/terrifying.

This Never Before Seen Spider Looks Like a Leaf [National Geographic]