Gizmodo's Static Podcast: Are Videogame Reviews Important Or Redundant?

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Videogame reviews: redundant or important? Is it legal to carry a knife? How to take down the internet and how much it costs, plus we answer your question: Is the F word offensive anymore?

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Host Rae Johnston is joined by Gizmodo Australia's Campbell Simpson, Lifehacker Australia's Spandas Lui and Kotaku Australia's Hayley Williams.

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    I only ever take online reviews from journalist/gaming authority sites with a grain of salt, I have more trust in user reviews.

    Too many blank envelopes going around nowadays.

    What really bugs me about reviews is the score system

    Sometimes they cannot find anything wrong with the game but it doesn't get a 10

    At least explain the score

    I still like reviews, but I'll read them critically to see how what is said may apply to me.

    For what it's worth, I was going to preorder Doom until Bethesda made the decision not to offer review copies in advance. To me that was a lack of confidence in the title and I decided to wait it out, only playing the game several months later given if I wasn't going to get the day one bonus content I may as well pay less for the title. Didn't help that their online only beta wasn't well received or reflective of the excellent single player experience.

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